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The Noreside Centre is one of few places in Kilkenny City that offer classroom based training. We believe that physically being in a class and interacting with people is the best way to learn!

We have three tutors available that are fully qualified in all aspects of Manual Handling.

One of the most common causes of injury at work is improper manual handling. One-third of all workplace accidents in Ireland today are due to it. The Manual Handling Regulations were introduced in an effort to stop this. The Regulations specify the responsibilities of both employers and employees. They state as a general need that employees be trained to safely handle loads using manual handling techniques and any equipment provided by their company.

Manual Handling is required for almost all job sectors, it needs to be refreshed every three years. The class will last up to 2 hours and then we will issue your certificate once you have completed it.

If you would like to book a group session or if you would like to book a general place in a class you can do so below.


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